Meet Merry!



Meet 11-year-old Merry. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Merry was in the NICU from oxygen deprivation during birth. She suffers with left-sided paralysis because of her complications. She uses a one-handed wheelchair for mobility, but this brave girl keeps moving forward with a smile.


Merry is best described as a girl who has an enthusiasm for life. She is very curious and one of her favorite places to expand her mind is in the library; she absorbs books like an eager sponge! Merry even likes physical activities. She enjoys bowling at her local alley and playing knee hockey in her garden.  These pastimes reflect her interests in school. Her choice subjects are P.E., art and reading. Merry is also very social. She was the most popular girl in school—she knew everybody in her recent graduation! Merry is an example of strength over struggle and our inspiration.


Merry and her family received a wheelchair lift for easier and safer transportation. This makes going out to doctor’s appointments, school, and social activities much less strenuous and a lot more fun!