Meet Michael!



Meet nine-year-old Michael, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His ability to walk and stand are limited, but he uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. Michael had a difficult time in many other ways. However, he is able to endure everything thanks to his loving family.


Michael has a nurturing home that gives him a fun childhood. He has an adorable pet chihuahua and a sweet kitty. They are always together and the best of pet pals. Michael and his family will go out for lunch at McDonald’s; the young boy cannot get enough of the chicken nuggets. He even blends their dipping sauces to make his own yummy concoction. Michael is also a sports fan, and he plans on joining a specialized football league for people in wheelchairs. Michael does more than play and have fun. He is a dedicated school student who works hard to get good grades worthy of pinning on a fridge. His favorite topic is science; he has a curious mind and enjoys discovering how the world works. All of this and more are possible because of the devotion of his wonderful mom and dad. Meet Michael and his family. They are a household of inspiration. They are a home team.


Michael needs a vehicle lift. The lift will make transporting the wheelchair easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!