Meet Ony!



Meet Ony. Ony was recovering from a small surgery at five days old when his mother noticed that he was shaking. This went on for 12 hours until doctors recognized that he was having seizures. Six months later, Ony was diagnosed with  pneumonia and viral meningitis. Unfortunately, he is severely cognitively impaired and his only way to communicate is through making distinct sounds. He also eats using a g-tube. Ony has more challenges. He has very little muscle control in his upper body. Ony’s limitations are not a hindrance to his happiness.

Ony enjoys a few activities. He watches television. His mom giggles when Ony joyfully grunts as his favorite Mexican telenovela is on tv. He also likes movies, especially The Fast and the Furious. Most of all, Ony cannot wait to go out and be around people. He loves everybody, and it shows in his eyes. Mom says that people feel complete joy with a simple glance from Ony. Meet Ony, and find love at first sight.

 Ony needs an adaptive stroller to maintain therapy and doctor’s appointments.




Ony was so excited to have his new stroller he asked to use it to go to his next doctor’s appointment. Mom was so happy with the ease of folding and transporting the new stroller! It was a great day for them and they will continue to have many more with this new stroller!