Meet Richard!



Meet six-year-old Richard, but Call him Trae and He will be your best friend. He was diagnosed with TAR syndrome. The illness is characterized by several bone malformations, such as the absence of the radius in the arm. Trae bravely endures the consequences. The boy’s hands are positioned at his shoulders. His feet are turned inward. He also has muscle contractions and weakness in his lower extremities. His legs are contracted at a 90-degree angle. Trae has undergone many hamstring lengthening surgeries, but he continues to struggle walking. He never stops moving despite his limitations.


Trae has lots of energy and many interests. He comes home after school and mom has a difficult time keeping up with her lively boy. He is enthusiastic for everything. Give Trae his favorite meal, either spaghetti or pepperoni pizza, and he will nearly jump for joy. Ask what is his favorite activity, and he will shout, “Swimming!” Most all, Trae loves animals, especially lions, tigers, and dinosaurs. Oh my! He can even stalk and roar like a ferocious lion. He also knows the names and descriptions of every dinosaur. Have a question about the dreaded velociraptor? He has the answer! In fact, Trae loves to learn and do things for himself. He works hard to solve his own problems and be independent. Trae does not like special treatment; he wants people to think of him as a normal boy. However, a normal boy is simply average. He is more. Trae is extraordinary!


Trae needs a customized therapy tricycle with handlebars that he can reach. The trike will increase his leg strength, endurance and flexibility which will improve his ability to walk. He can also use the equipment to release boundless energy!


Trae was all smiles when he was finally able to ride his very on trike. Having a custom made trike was a priority for Trae as his condition dis not allow for him to ride anything else! We love to see your smile Trae!