Meet Ryder!



Meet three-year-old Ryder. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. Ryder struggles with daily limitations because of his illness. He is cognitively equivalent to a toddler. He can only eat using a g-tube. Ryder also is nonverbal, and his leg strength is limited. Ryder, however, is easily a cheerful child.


Ryder is best described as always being happy; he begins the day with a smile.  He listens to 80s music, and he moves his legs as if trying to dance. He recently made a new friend, a small puppy. Ryder gets excited around the dog and reaches out to pet the soft fur. The young boy is also very social. He loves being around people, and his favorite location for socializing is Disney. At day’s end, Ryder cannot wait for his big sister or mom to read a bedtime story. Ryder goes to sleep with a smile, ready for the next day’s adventures!


Ryder needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall strength and stamina. Please be his sponsor!



Ryder’s mom tells us he’s been “Rockin’ his new bike!” We love to see wonderful photos like these! Keep going Ryder!