Sara’s Story

succ picRecently, Wheelchairs 4 Kids recently partnered with Ride-Away of Tampa to get a Bruno wheelchair lift installed on Sara’s family vehicle. This is making transporting her wheelchair less complicated for everyone and allowing Sara to get out more often.

Sara is a four year-old girl who was paralyzed after a spinal cord injury following a severe car accident. She was also diagnosed with a myotonic disorder. These conditions produce a daily uphill struggle for the young girl. Sara suffers from having delayed speech, although she is described as very intelligent. She is wheelchair bound and requires assistive support to sit upright. None of these trials deter her from being happy.

Sara is relentless in her pursuit of fun. Like many people, she enjoys listening to the singer and performer, Jason Derulo. Her smile brightens whenever a Derulo melody is played. Sara’s favorite movie is the popular hit Frozen. Most importantly, the sweet child loves to take walks in the park with her family.