Meet Sean!



Meet eight-year-old Sean. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which caused numerous limitations. He is visually impaired. Sean is nonverbal, but he is learning sign language. His motor skills are also underdeveloped. Furthermore, Sean is not able to walk, but he created his own method of moving on the floor by doing a bunny hop. Sean, despite his daily downsides, finds upsides to his life.


Sean is interested in everything! He watches tv, and his favorite show is All About Trucks.  Sean listens to music and bobs his head like Ray Charles whenever hearing his favorite songs. He even jams on a keyboard as though performing for a grand audience! Sean also enjoys reading Dr. Seuss books. The young boy is currently home schooled; he especially looks forward to art class and painting. Sean could be an aspiring pianist, artist or even an Olympic swimmer, because he loves doing laps in a pool! None of these, however, compare to what he likes doing most. Giving hugs. Sean is described as a snuggle buddy. Affection is the cure that gives this disabled boy a healthy heart.


Sean needs a Hi Lo activity chair to use at home.



Sean received his very own Hi Lo Activity chair. This chair provides a safe and comfortable seating alternative to his wheelchair while at home. The activity chair allows him to do many different activities while in his chair including, eating snacks, doing his homework ar even watching some fun videos on his tablet!