Skyler’s Story

image (1)Skyler had outgrown her current stroller and needed a new adaptive stroller called The Rodeo. Unfortunately insurance would not cover some of the needed and important accessories such as a transit option and a recline option. Wheelchairs 4 Kids stepped in to cover these necessities. Skyler is now able to be more independent and safely move about with her family in the community.

Sweet Skyler is a 9 year-old who was diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum, a congenital brain abnormality that has severe results. She is cognitively delayed and suffers from an expressive language disorder. Skyler also has difficulties with balance and coordination. Another ordeal can be added to her daunting list. She is visually impaired. These trials, though hard, do not bring tears to her eyes. Instead, SHE IS A FIGHTER.

Skyler utilizes much of her strength to master basic life skills. The determined girl uses an advanced picture system to learn sign language. Skyler has more goals, but she puts some time aside to have fun. Her favorite activity is going to the petting zoo and discovering all the unique animals. Skyler has gleaming eyes and a gentle touch when she caresses the lovable critters! She sets an example. Common tasks and simple pleasures are sometimes taken for granted with many people. Not Skyler. Every moment for her is precious!