Wheelchairs 4 Kids present T’Keyah with a

New Chair!

T’Keyah’s wheelchair was too difficult to transport.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids solved her problem with a specialized lightweight stroller.

Melbourne, FL –T’Keyah has epilepsy and is also blind and deaf.  Her nurse could not transport her current chair because it was too big for their vehicle.  He had to rely on transportation services to take T’Keyah to doctor and physical therapy appointments.  Ability Plus Therapy, where T’Keyah goes for physical therapy, contacted Wheelchairs 4 Kids to help.  Recently T’Keyah was presented with a new, lightweight specialized chair that is easy to transport.

“Our goal is to give these families the equipment they so desperately need” said Executive Director, Madeline Robinson.  “These kids deserve to be in chairs that are comfortable and safe and that are easily transportable. T’Keyah needs to be able to be able to get to her physical therapy appointments.”

T’Keyah’s physical therapist, Karen Rhoads stated, “”Wheelchairs 4 Kids has really made a difference in T’Keyah’s life! Her mother will have an easier way of transporting her to all of her brother’s sporting events. She can now be more involved in her family activities outside of her home!”  “I will use this to transport her (T’Keyah) to her appointments here (Ability Plus Therapy).  In her old chair, I had to rely on transportation.  With this one, I can drive her myself – A Plus!” added her nurse, Oliver.  Her mom, Teresa was excited, “Last year we didn’t take her to her brother’s basketball games – it was too difficult.  This will make a huge difference.  Thank you!”

Physical therapist, Angela Galliani talked about the difference these chairs make, “These specialized chairs give the children the support and positioning they need.”  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is glad that we can make a difference one child at a time.  You can help!