Meet Tomas!


Meet 10-year-old Tomas. He appeared to be born a healthy baby boy. His parents soon realized something was wrong when he was three months old and not reaching milestones. Numerous difficult tests and four months later Tomas was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia. Tomas cannot walk as a result of this hard illness. He can stand, but only for a few minutes with assistance. He is mostly confined to his power chair. He also needs complete torso support while sitting. Tomas is a remarkable child regardless of these limitations.


 Tomas has a wide variety of interests. He watches movies and his favorites are the Toy Story films. His favorite television show is Dragon Ball Z. Tomas also is a huge fan of the Real Madrid soccer team; he especially loves seeing Cristiano Ronaldo on the field.  Tomas plays video games and is an expert at  Smash Brothers.  Tomas also attends school; he is thrilled to use up his energy during P.E. and recess. The young boy feels relaxed doing outdoor activities, like spending a lazy afternoon fishing with his dad. Tomas is not just a kid who has fun; he is a great person, too. He is described as noble and charitable. He always wants to help people, including assisting his mom in the kitchen. Meet Tomas and find a disabled boy who is complete and completely perfect.


Tomas needs a stander to improve his posture, leg strength, and endurance. This will promote his ability to walk. Please be his sponsor!     




Tomas received a brand new stander to replace the one he had outgrown! Many families can’t afford to replace equipment after a couple of years when their children grow. We were happy to help Tomas and his family. Now Tomas has a stander that does not hurt his back and helps him during several activities during the day. Tomas uses his stander for meal times, playing on his tablet and even for some family game time!