Wheelchairs 4 Kids Helps Haiti Earthquake Survivor


Whitney is a beautiful 10-year-old who has endured a lifetime of pain and sorrow.  She is a survivor of the earthquake in Haiti, where she lived through so much anguish and
chaos.  Despite all that Whitney has been through, she remains upbeat with a positive attitude.  She enjoys school and is thankful every day for her new life in America.

Whitney has cerebral palsy and spastic paraplegia.  She is unable to stand on her own and did not have a wheelchair.  A local church had loaned a walker to her, but it was very difficult for her to use and the school bus would not let her ride the bus unless she had a wheelchair.

Recently, Wheelchairs 4 Kids paid a visit to her school to deliver a wheelchair that Whitney can call her very own.  Whitney was all smiles when she received her chair.  She could not comprehend that it was hers to keep.   All she could say was, “Thank you”.  Her teacher, Miss B, was thrilled.  Whitney had a very difficult time navigating the school halls with her walker.  “We had to always be right by her side”, said Miss B, “Now she can keep up with her classmates and best of all, ride the bus.  Thank you”.

It was our pleasure. Welcome to America, Whitney!