Meet Yehudis!



Meet Yehudis, her mom lovingly calls her Shaindle which in Yiddish means pretty. This 11-year-old girl was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She cannot bear weight on her legs and uses a mobile stander for mobility. She is also nonverbal. Yehudis refuses to be a victim. Instead, she loves her life.


Yehudis is a fun girl. She listens to upbeat music and dances like nobody is watching. During a bad day, Yehudis’ parents will hold her hand and dance; she then feels better and lights up like a disco ball. Yehudis also enjoys reading, especially rhyming books and humorous stories. She attends school, too. Her favorite activities are singing and art class. She does it all and more! Yehudis has a zest for life!


Yehudis needs an adaptive tricycle for exercise and, she can spend more time playing with her friends and family. Please be her sponsor!



Yehudis received her very own therapy trike! After using a therapy trike at School Yehudis would ask her mom everyday when she would be able to have one at home. Now, she has her very own trike she can ride together with her siblings in the afternoon and get some extra physical therapy without noticing!