Yesul Gets a Quickie Zippie!

DSC01549_0085Last week we delivered Yesul a Quickie Zippie manual wheelchair! She had outgrown her previous chair, and it was no longer comfortable or safe for her. The family had no insurance and they needed the help of Wheelchairs 4 Kids.

15 year-old Yesul was diagnosed with microcephaly and global developmental delay. This young lady has many struggles throughout her day. She cannot walk, speak or stand. Yesul also has difficulty maintaining her balance while sitting upright. She has no problem, however, keeping up a positive attitude.

Yesul has many similar interests to other girls who are not disabled. Her favorite colors are hot pink and yellow. Find her clothes in these colors and the girl wears a smile that is always in fashion! She also watches television, and the show that really brightens her day is Dora the Explorer. Yesul, more than anything else, loves fairytales about beautiful and brave princesses who embark on exciting adventures. Each turn of a page magically transports Yesul to worlds without disease, but in real-life she has a hero’s heart and creates her own happily ever after.