Meet Syra!



Meet 19-year-old Syra. She was born prematurely and diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which affects multiple bodily systems. She is nonverbal and completely dependent on other people for everyday tasks. She is also confined to a wheelchair. Syra remains joyful despite this difficult illness.


Syra has various interests. She watches kids’ shows, such as Doc McStuffins. Her favorite movies are Spirit and High School Musical. Syra listens to soothing music, and her preference is opera. She likes hearing inspiring Bible stories. Syra enjoys taking strolls through her neighborhood to get a little sunshine. Syra is best known, however, for her sweet spirit. She is always happy and smiling. She loves to hold hands. Clearly, Syra is OUR little bit of sunshine!         


Syra received a medical stroller to provide proper support and make transportation easier for her to get to appointments and for easier breakdown. Special thanks to her sponsors Mabel & Ellsworth and Saunders!