Meet Taryn!


Meet nine-year-old Taryn. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, which affects brain development. She is mostly confined to a wheelchair but can also use a gait trainer. Taryn is a happy girl despite this challenging disorder.

Taryn enjoys numerous fun pastimes. She prefers watching newer Disney films such as Encanto. She listens to a wide array of music, but her favorite song is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” She likes toys and books that stimulate her sense through sound and motion. Taryn, however, really gets excited whenever going for a swim or visiting the beach. Taryn, most of all, is a sweet girl with a quirky sense of humor. She laughs for the sake of laughing because it simply makes her feel great. She also is quite loving and gives out hugs as easily as somebody might say hi! One thing is clear. Taryn has a perfect heart that inspires us perfectly.

Taryn received a ramp to make her home accessible and safe while using the wheelchair. She now has safe access in and out of house thanks to her new Harmar ramp installed by Accessibility Solutions through the help of her generous sponsor, the L&W by the Sea Corporation!