Meet Timur!



Meet 8-year-old Timur! Timur was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. While he is able to walk short distances, he struggles with balance issues and requires an assistive device to walk long distances. Timur is mostly non-verbal, but is a very expressive child. He and his family recently moved here from the Ukraine.

Timur is a charming little boy who loves to meet new people. His smile can brighten up anyone’s day! He likes to listen to music he can dance to and enjoys staying active by building LEGOs and going swimming. He also likes to release his energy at the local trampoline park. Timur is a hard-working boy who tries his best at everything he does. While he may not always succeed, he is resilient and never gives up!

Timur received a posterior walker from the Wheelchairs 4 Kids equipment closet. This walker will help him with his posture and balance and is also lightweight. He will now have the confidence to move with ease thanks to his new walker from Wheelchairs 4 Kids!