Meet Violet!



Meet two-year-old Violet. She was diagnosed with hypotonia and Rett syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects the brain. Violet does not have any independent mobility but she is in various therapies to learn to crawl. She has more challenges but remains happy.


Violet has numerous interests. She likes Sesame Street and its fun music. She also watches the tv show, Bluey. Violet enjoys swimming and feeling weightless in pools. She adores her two cats and a very loyal golden Doodle. Violet has fun in more ways, but she especially is a great kid. She is known for being cheerful, sweet, and delightful. She is always smiling and brings joy to her family. And even to us!


Violet needed a Rifton Wave bath chair to make bathing easier and more comfortable. Thanks to the help from a grant through The White Family Foundation, we were able to help Violet get the Bath chair she needed!