Meet Vitoria!



Meet 12-year-old Victoria. She was diagnosed with spina bifida. She cannot walk or stand without support. She is a positive girl despite her limitations.


Victoria has fun in a few ways. She watches the hit anime Naruto. She listens to Korean pop music, and her favorite group is BTS. She is a hard-working student who is great at doing math. Victoria adores spending time with her siblings, too. Most of all, Victoria has a strong personality. She is confident, creative, and always has a smile to light up a room, and our world. Victoria is aptly named. She truly defines victory and is no match for her challenges!


Victoria needed leg braces to provide support while she walks. The equipment will also give her much-needed independence. With the help of a grant through JEM Project we were able to help Vitoria get the Leg Braces that she needed!