Meet Wesley



Meet two-year-old Wesley. He has an undiagnosed condition that causes many challenges. He walks on his knees or toes with assistance. He is nonverbal. Wesley attends therapy each week to improve his daily skills. He is a happy boy despite these limitations.


Wesley has a variety of interests. He watches the classic Peanuts cartoons. He likes MS. Rachel on YouTube. He listens to kid’s music, including “I Love the Mountains.” He has fun playing Patty Cake and Peek-a-Boo. Wesley is also mesmerized by watching his brother race cars in a NASCAR video game. Wesley has a great personality, too. He is a smart boy who tries to figure out how a toy works before playing with it. He is independent and prefers spending time entertaining himself. Wesley is known for always laughing unless he is asleep. Meet Wesley. This beautiful boy gets beyond his disability by creating a beautiful world. And we are thankful to be part of it!


Wesley will be receiving a stander to help him walk without being on his toes. Thank you to those who provided the important stander to improve Wesley’s life!