Meet Wyatt!



Meet five-year-old Wyatt. Sadly, this little boy was nine months old when he survived a tragic car accident. He had numerous injuries, including on his spinal cord which caused quadriplegia. He cannot walk and uses a wheelchair for long distances. He has more severe trials but remains strong and positive.


Wyatt finds ways to have fun. He watches anything with dinosaurs. He is a fan of Disney movies and music. Wyatt is an animal lover, too. He has a great time going to lakes and seeing ducks and birds in their natural environment. He has more interests, but his best attribute is a sweet personality. He makes people laugh with his goofy antics. He adores getting attention and being cuddled. Most of all, Wyatt always has a big, beautiful smile that brightens up a room. He is aptly named. Wyatt defines brave warrior.


Wyatt received a Leggero medical stroller which will help provide proper support and comfort during transportation and walks through nature. A big thank you to his sponsor, Rolando Moya from L&W by the Sea!