Meet Yash!


Meet13-year-old Yash. In 2016, Yash began to fall without any apparent reason, which concerned his family. He was diagnosed in 2017 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He cannot walk without help and uses a manual wheelchair for long distances and a scooter for school. Yash remains a sweet boy despite his challenges.


Yash has several cool interests. He watches Pokémon and has a collection of the iconic cards. He is an avid book reader, and his favorite series is Harry Potter. Yash is adventurous and loves travelling, whether simply exploring local parks or going to LEGOLAND and Canada. He is a food fanatic who enjoys researching restaurants and recipes. Yash is a student in a gifted program—his best subject is math. Yash is highly motivated and independent. He prefers doing things on his own and never takes no for an answer. He is always positive, too. Meet Yash. This young boy’s difficult illness is no match for his impervious heart.


Yash needs a powerchair that is easy to fold and can be used for travelling. The chair will also give him independence. Please be his sponsor!