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Bail: $3000.00

AKA – “The Litigator”


Crime: Interference In Other People’s Business

Gary Schaaf is always up in everyone’s business!  He fights to make things right everyday for businesses and corporations who are being robbed of their opportunity to thrive!  Gary is like Captain America – making sure businesses stay on course, follow the law and prosper – meaning we all win!  Gary is a peaceful and logical man – no “Civil War” will happen with this Captain America!

Gary Schaaf is the Managing Shareholder of Becker & Poliakoff’s Tampa Bay Regional Office, and supervises the litigation practice in that office. He has been a business litigator in the Tampa Bay Area since 1987.  Gary and his wife, Jo, are very active with numerous charities in the Tampa Bay area and even have their own foundation, Bacchus for Charity, whose mission is to help other charities achieve their goals.

Gary will be on house arrest until the 29th so check out his cool ankle bracelet if you see him on April 29th!   Please help Gary by donating toward his bail!  Your gift will change a child’s life!